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Bike Art Prints

I can make digital prints of almost  any of these works for you.. So it's an easy way to share this art and promote the aesthetics of sit-up cycling. Art can bring value to activities in features I believe.

You should arrange for what you want via email to me,  quoting the category of the work, i.e. rubbings, the name and the number. Send to

Basically A3 size, 30 by 42 cms, will cost $40 (Aus.) plus postage on heavy paper, signed and dated.

If you want to go crazy, give some as presents perhaps, you can have  five for $180. The price can be lower depending on circumstances, yours and mine

If the work is smaller than A2, as many are, then the print will be slightly enlarged.

All payments can be made via secure Paypal. I'll send the details in reply to your request.

To remind you of what A2 looks like,  In the photo, my wife Katya, is holding an A 2 print. Click to enlarge.

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