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Bicycle art.

 Changing the image of cycling, picture by picture


For the last five years or more, the Copenhagen Cycle Chic movement has brought us stunning photographs of people on bikes  doing everyday things

Here  in Australia,  cycling's image  has traditionally gone in another direction  with the  bikes pictured in the media as mainly of the  racing or  leisure sort.

That's fine, but  it's far from the whole story as our bike culture changes.  It misses out on the burst of  bikes as transport, such an  important part of cycling from the POV of a better world and happier everyday  lives. 

So I've decided to add to the Cycle Chic  phenomenon here by making  bike art that's based,   not on the machine itself or  speed,  but simply on the beauty of the body on the  bike. 

I hope some of my bike art ends up on your walls  which, if it does,  might help bring some of the cachet and status which art bestows, to this great way of living and moving

You'll find  drawings  in pencil and ink. Then ,  solar prints which are  explained elsewhere. Then,  Lino cuts,   and finally, the most difficult to do, rubbings. 

You'll also find  films. :  The Waltz of the Bikes and others. 

See a slideshow of some of my bike art here: Slideshow


 If you do want one of my works for your walls, there are more details on the Purchasing page, no shopping cart,  but a way to be in touch.

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Rubbings are made by rubbing away oil paint on special paper.


 Lino cuts are made by carving lines in a special linoleum with a grooved knife and printing from the carved block you've created.



Solar prints are made by exposing drawings on acetate to special UV sensitive plates put out in the sun very briefly and then printing from those plates.




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